Eircom WEP

Eircom Netopia WEP key generator

Enter SSID (vulnerable hostspots will always be in this format: <eircomdddd dddd> where d is a digit.

The Netopia 3347W router
Eircom's Netopia 3347W
The WEP keys for Eircom routers deployed before October 2007 are generated from the MAC address of the WiFi card; this means that you can easily derive the password for the 140,000 customers in Ireland. There's probably a few within range of you now.

A full howto on how to manually derive the WEP keys is available here.


This was derived from QuietXMLWiz.exe. Another online version is here.

The source to this script (Perl) is here.

A windows executable is available here.

I'm writing an iPhone app which will automatically generate the passwords for nearby Eircom WiFi 'hotspots', without having to be connected to the internet. It scans WiFi networks in range and checks the ssids and mac addresses to see if they're Eircom netopia routers, breaks the password and attempts to connect. It then goes to the next strongest available signal and tries until it runs out of networks. I don't know if I'll every get it finished, it lives here for now. It'll only work on jailbroken phones via Cydia, as I don't reckon it'd survive for long on the iTunes store!
iPhone EircomWEP

Email alex[at]bacik.ie for more info.